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The first part of the test includes a thorough visual inspection of the appliance, plug and all leads, to check for:

Damage to the flex
Damaged to the plug and casing (overheating, burn marks, cracking)
An incorrectly wired plug
An incorrectly rated or missing fuse
The condition of the appliance
The second part involves a series of electrical tests. Dependent upon the class of equipment tests may include:
Earth Bond Testing
Insulation Resistance
Flex Polarity Test
Earth Leakage Test
Touch Leakage Test
The third part

All appliances are labeled with the result of the test (pass or fail). Any remedial action that can be completed during testing (repairing plugs/fuses etc.) will be carried out and re-tested at the time at no extra cost. Faults that are more complex or any damage will be reported to the customer.

On completion of all testing, a certificate of compliance, a full list of all items inspected and the results will normally be sent by e-mail, or a paper copy could be sent if preferred.


All appliances will need to be unplugged for testing.


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